Hello! Let’s rebegin the Jayanth Sharma Blog.

A first post on the site with a promise. No not to you, but to myself.

The last time I had this domain put to use was in 2006. Over the course of the last 15 years, I moved on to my website WildlifeTimes which I used as my blog to narrate stories about my wildlife travel and encounters, and after I became an entrepreneur, I focused 100% of my time, attention and energy on the Toehold brain and experience.

Arguably, there wasn’t any time to think of my personal website. Honestly, there wasn’t even a need. Off-late, I have morphed into an influencer of sorts, not because I wanted to, but because I tend to engage with people, educate them about what I know, try to help them in whatever way I can, mostly with knowledge sharing and of course over the course of time, I have a brand of my own. No, not talking about Toehold. But Jayanth Sharma as a concept.

So I guess, it’s time to think a bit about my varied interests, not just photography and wildlife and business. So I hope to put this place to some use in the near future. The first was to even write a thorough About me. Until now, people searched for terms like Jayanth Sharma website and Jayanth Sharma wildlife photographer and would usually find Toehold or my Wikipedia page.

The Jayanth Sharma Blog

So let’s see how much time I can spare to express my thoughts on various passions of my life, Music, Nature, Art, History, Technology etc. During the years of 2006-2010 and the last ten years of undivided attention to Toehold, I had a thorough focus. I hardly sang, I hardly indulged in interests other than this and gradually stopped expressing ideas and thoughts on various interests of mine.

It was a mistake. I really think it was. So, I think I want to redo the mistake and get back to some form of expression. And I will try my best to put everything that’s not related to business, here. Which could be a personal point of view, it could be my non-professional stand on some issue that I am supporting, or fighting against or just a topic that wouldn’t fit my professional space.

Well, that’s it. Thank you for stopping by. Please give me a few days and the Jayanth Sharma Blog will start rolling.


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