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Hello! I am a professional wildlife photographer and the CEO of Toehold. Probably, that's something you already know. So let me tell you what you don't know about me, perhaps. Appreciate your time. Cheers!

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Thanks for stopping by. I feature in the list of the Top Indian Wildlife Photographers, I am often referred to as an award-winning wildlife photographer, sometimes even as a world-class photographer, but one thing none of these websites have told you about me, is who I really am beyond all these glamours titles. While I’ll let them do the job of introducing me professionally, let me use this space to connect with you as an individual. Let me show you who I really am

My business - Toehold

While I try my best to uphold the brand Jayanth Sharma,  I actually  run Toehold Travel & Photography, one of India’s popular photography travel company that indulges in related services like teaching photography, taking people on photography expeditions and tours, camera hire, and holiday planning to our customers.

Please visit our website if you are interested in any of these services. My team and I will be delighted to serve you.

Fine-art Photo Gallery

Though I am known for my work as a Wildlife Photographer, I think that is just one dimension of who I am. Though, it is a massive dimension. 

If you are here to check out my portfolio of photography, they you can check my Fine-art Gallery. I have curated a few pictures that I sell on the Toehold Print Gallery to be featured. 

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Jayanth Sharma

Who should play the Social Media – Fame Game

I think some people may benefit from this. Just an honest attempt to give clarity of thought to young social media users aspiring to be of some influence. Please free to share and even if you disagree with something – please understand the intent is clean and honest. Let’s not #influence youngsters

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Jayanth Sharma

Khamoshiyan Aawaz Hain – A song to express my feelings

Somewhere this song has been hounding me for 2 months now. I have been singing it in the bathroom, humming it while on the desk, thinking of it all this while. Today, it erupted out of me like a volcano. And I don’t stop such feelings ever. It has to

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