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Small contributions in conservation – Instagram Live

A little story in the Ramayana and some realisation of how little things we do to help conservation efforts go a long way is the topics of this discussion.

This Instagram live session was triggered by a question a friend asked. Do you think it really matters if I and you stop buying bottles of mineral water and switching off our fans or not wasting our water? Isn’t this world so big for our actions to matter?

While the very small actions of ours for the last 100 years have what has caused a network effect of sort creating a massive scale of problems, I discuss how it is still important for us to contribute in our own small way. And like always, I tell a story from the Ramayana where Rama is appreciating the efforts of a little being, though it was insignificant compared to the larger task in hand when looked in isolation.

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A story from Ramayana and a lesson for all of us

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